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WHAT TO EXPECT | Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church


Any given Sunday, you can expect a warm welcome from one of our deacons and our ushers. When you arrive in the sanctuary, you can expect a blended worship service, which could include a hymn or contemporary, upbeat music for praise and worship. We’ll take a few moments and recognize you out as a visitor so that our family can properly greet and welcome you to Mount Calvary.

Each week, you can expect a high-energy, practical teaching. No subject is off limits – from teachings on family to spiritual gifting – all you need to know is that you may be called out to be a human illustration any given week! The aim each week is to be sure that everyone can go home with at least one applicable nugget that they can apply to their lives.

After the Word, we’ll invite you to become a part of our family. There’s no pressure to join. We just want you to know that the opportunity is available if you choose to take it. Our only hope is that when we see you depart, it won’t be your last time being with us!