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THE CITY | Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church


Well, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore! Welcome to the wild, wild, west and to Tucson, AZ. The desert has a way of providing it’s own unique environment to newcomers. To get you started, here are just a few things that may interest you…

Climate: What can we say? It’s hot! What Tucson does provide, is some amazing season weather. We can guarantee well over 300 sunny days each year and they are not all filled with the desert heat. Ever thought about barbequing for Christmas? Well, it can happen here!
Click the link below and see what the weather is like in Tucson right now!

Demographics: Tucson is a melting pot of sorts. You will find people from all backgrounds and all parts of the country right here in our city. Because of our military base and engineering plant, Tucson can be somewhat of a transient city. However, don’t be fooled! There are a lot of homegrown Tucsonans here as well. Look below for a closer look at the demographic makeup of our city.

Places to See: If you’re going to live in the desert, you might as well know about it—Desert Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon are good places to visit. The University of Arizona is also a potential tourist site. 4th Avenue is another option.

Things to Do: 4th Avenue Street Fair (March and December annually), Harambee Festival, Juneteenth Festival, visit Nogales, MX, UA football games, La Encantada Mall, salsa dancing at El Parador, UA Centennial Hall – UA Presents (art/theater productions, including Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe, etc.)….let me do some more checking and I will add to this section.

Places to Eat: No more Taco Bell…we have authentic Mexican food here! El Charro, Micha’s, El Torero, Mi Nidito, El Molinito (Don’t worry, we can help with the pronunciations), May’s Chicken, Jax’s Kitchen, Caruso’s Italian Restaurant…majority of these restaurants are family-owned.